Three Awesome Ways on How to Build a Profitable Blog

Are you looking for ways to increase your income from blogging?

There are loads of ways to achieve this. But the bottom line is the amount of traffic that your site is getting. Yes, traffic and more traffic are what you need to generate a lot of money. Placing AdSense and other money making tools on you blog alone won’t instantly make you money online, you also need a lot of visitors to click on those ad links too.

Building a blog is easy, but building a blog with significant traffic is quite hard to achieve. So if you are looking for the most effective ways to attract traffic to your blog, you must consider following:

1. Increase user engagement

One of the best ways to make your content viral is to get your readers involved. Aside from providing awesome content, you should compel your readers into leaving a comment or sharing your post with their social networks. Add something like, “Do you have anything to add to the above suggestions?” or what’s your take about this? I’m curious to hear about your thoughts.” Then you could add at the end of every blog post, “Share this post to your friends.

There you go, by adding a call to action, you’re telling your readers what to do next, in case they hadn’t thought about sharing it. Then of course you have to make the action handy to your readers by adding social buttons either at the top or at the bottom of your posts.

Here are some helpful posts to help increase user engagement on your blog:

  1. 5 Social Toolbars To Help Increase User Engagement on Your Blog – list of plugins that you can add to your blog to increase your reach and visibility of your content.
  2. The Most Effective Tools To Enrich Reader Engagement – 15+ tools to help you enrich your readers engagement.
  3. Revive Your Old Blog Posts and Increase Reader Engagement – tips and strategies on how to use your old posts to keep visitors reading your blog.

2. Make SEO friendly blog content

Another great way to easily increase your traffic is to optimise your content for search engines. When you write a blog post, make sure to include the best keywords and add tags to your content so that search engines can easily categorise it. When you have optimised your content, your target audience can more easily find it too.

Here are some tips to improve a blog post for SEO purposes:

  1. 6 On-Page SEO Strategies That’ll Boost Your Rankings – strategies on making a blog post that will rank high on search engines and receive a lot of traffic.
  2. How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Images – tips on uploading images to your blog that will help increase your traffic.
  3. How to Create Your Permalink Structure More User and SEO-friendly – how to customise your URLs.

3. Tap into social media to find new connections

What’s better to build new connections than tapping into social media sites? Not only can social media sites help you build traffic for your blog but they also help you build authority that can create followership.

Some tips on how you can leverage social media to bring massive traffic to your blog:

  1. 6 Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog Using Social Media – tips on how you can optimise your social profiles to help promote your blog.
  2. Strategies to Increase Social Engagement – strategies on how to build a large social media network followership.
  3. Maximize Social Media Traffic to Your Blog – different social media strategies to boost new readers clicking through to your website.

When building links to your blog, ask yourself these three questions:

Is the content relevant to my site?

Is it useful to my target audience?

Will it ultimately help to generate traffic?

Having these goals achieved, there is no doubt you could earn as much as you can imagine.

Have you been earning a lot through blogging? Do you have other strategies or tips to add to the above? Please share them below and we would be grateful to know and share them.



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