Simple But Effective Strategies To Improve Your Email List

Ever wish you could capture all of your audience’s emails every time they visit your site? Well you can’t, but at least you can give them an option to subscribe. But I already have email subscription forms embedded on my website, I hear you say, still no one bothers to use them. Hmm, maybe you’re forgetting something?

In order to get your visitors to sign up to your list, you must offer something that will encourage them to give out their email address. You can simply offer an e-book, free reports, free products or any other available freebies you have. Another thing that you need to consider is the placement of your sign up forms. Make sure your visitors can clearly see it the moment they land on your website.

Here are the best places to put your email sign up form on your website:

1. Top of your sidebarNeil Patel’s blog is an excellent example for this. I particularly liked how he designed his blog, as you can see, it is less cluttered and you notice right away the sign up form on the sidebar… Another good example is the affiliate marketing blog by Zac Johnson. He used a contrasting background colour so that it will stand out.

2. Feature box – just like highlighting a post to get people to notice it, adding an email sign up form on your feature box will make it a stand out feature. The Thesis Theme for WordPress has this feature, so spending a few pennies for premium themes could be worth it.

3. After single post – for your first time visitors who may not have been interested initially in signing up to your list, but have stumbled on one of your posts and liked it, seeing the sign-up form at the bottom of the post could change their mind.

4. Top of your site – if you notice in some blogs there’s an attractive bar above their blog or website. Usually there’s a one line sentence added to trigger curiosity from your visitors. Here are two excellent tools that you can use to add a sign up form: Hellobar and ViperBar.

Another great strategy to capture your visitors emails is to use pop ups. Yes you read it right. I know using pop ups has a bad reputation because most often they annoy people and scare away your target audience. But there is nothing wrong with using pop ups as long as you do it right.

Things to remember when using pop ups on your blog:

1. Do not annoy your readers – make your pop up appear only once to your readers.

2. Offer something that your target audience will find irresistible or that is valuable to them.

3. Give them options – if they are not interested to what you offer, give them an option to easily close the pop up.

Also, pop ups are an excellent tool for marketing your new products. They can serve as announcement boards and refer target visitors to the product page.

Here are some excellent plug ins that you can add to your blog:

Popup Domination – this is a paid plugin but they have a variety of highly customisable themes that could really persuade people to sign up to your list.

OptinPop – works pretty much the same way as the above, but this one has a free version and with nice looking templates too.

Premium List Magnet – unblockable pop up plugin with a variety of settings on how to show your pop up.

There you have it, using these tools can dramatically help increase your subscriber numbers and able you to improve your marketing results.

Are you using pop ups on your blogs? How did it affect your subscriber’s list?


Gwyneth has been involved in many internet marketing projects since 2008, mainly dealing with various SEO processes for online businesses of all types and niches. Currently, she works with your editor on his many online marketing ventures. Follow her on Twitter  for more news and updates.

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