How to Take Advantage of Your Old Content and Make Money

Have you ever written an article that was popular on the web? Maybe it got you hundreds if not thousands of new sign-ups, readers, comments, shares, etc. If you’re writing a new blog post, even once a week, most probably it is already buried way down in your blog archives by now.

But did you know you can resurrect it, transform it into a new format to make it viral again. Having your content published in different formats can help reach different types of audience. What’s more, you can make money out of it. Think about this. Perhaps your article in text form got a lot of views, but how many more views could you have achieved if you had published it through say a podcast? It could have reached more target customers. Want to know how you can take advantage of your old content?

Here are several ways you can publish your content into different formats:

1. Turn your old articles into slideshows

I’m sure you are familiar with a PowerPoint presentation. Make a slideshow using your old articles and you could even use extra images to make it more attractive, but don’t over do it. Some people prefer slideshows rather than reading articles. Make your slideshow available as a download so your audience can share it with other people too. They could use it in their own seminars etc, or just privately. Don’t forget to include your business links, information and other URLs at the end of the presentation.

 Some sites where you can upload your presentation:


2. Turn them into an e-book

If your article is a “how to” post and details every step, you can publish it through the Amazon Kindle store. Here’s an excellent guide on how you can publish your own e-book with Amazon Kindle:

How to Publish a Book on Kindle

3. Turn them into a .pdf and put in a squeeze page

This is excellent if you’re looking to increase your email list. Offer the .pdf report as a free giveaway to entice your target customers to sign-up to your list.

4. Make a video

As mentioned above, if your article is a “how to” post, it would be more meaningful if you make a video out of it. A targeted customer is more likely to watch a video if you show them step by step how to achieve something.

5. Use your old content in a webinar and turn it into a podcast afterwards

Webinars are a great tool to get people signing-up. Your customers will want to hear information coming directly from you. So by using your old content, you now have an interesting topic to discuss. Remember to record your webinar to create your podcast, so people can still listen to it at any time.

So make the most out of your very best articles and posts. By being creative you’ll discover how much potential you have in your existing content.

Do you have any other ideas on how to recycle your old content? Make sure to add them below.


Gwyneth has been involved in many internet marketing projects since 2008, mainly dealing with various SEO processes for online businesses of all types and niches. Currently, she works with your editor on his many online marketing ventures. Follow her on Twitter  for more news and updates.

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  • Pete

    You could also revamp your old content slightly into not only an eBook but also a printed book through self-publishing platforms such as ‘CreateSpace’ and ‘Lulu’.

  • Adrienne

    Hi Gwyneth,

    Those are some really great tips.  Of course I’ve always been taught to repurpose your blog posts although I admit to not always doing that.  I guess at the time I’m writing them I’m so focused on getting that content out through my blog that I just totally forget repurposing it and spreading it around in other formats for people to enjoy.

    But you know what?  I’ve been doing that with my last few posts so it’s never too late to put these methods into action.

    Thanks for sharing this and I do hope everyone will follow through.  Don’t be like me and let all that great stuff get wasted in just one marketing method.


    • BusinessFromTheKitchenTable

       Hi Adrienne,

      Thanks for stopping by on our blog and I’m glad that you have now the time to repurpose your blog. Good luck with that! :)

  • Lisha

    These are some good tips. I recently wrote a post about how to leverage your old blog posts so you can continually get traffic to them and not just have them buried in the archives. 

    It can be found here:  Make your old blog posts keep working for you :)I like your idea to make videos out of your blog posts. ~Lisha

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