Don’t Spam Your Social Profiles – Use This Tool to Schedule Your Posts

How often do you Tweet?

Twenty times in one minute…and then you stop…then continue again the next day?

It’s actually recommended that you tweet as often as you can to help increase your followers but if you tweet too much, instead of getting their attention to click on your tweets, you’re getting their attention to block you!

So how are you going to update your Twitter to get the attention of your followers and at the same time not turn them off? Of course you can’t just stay online on Twitter for the whole day and post updates every hour, but thanks to a cool tool called Buffer you can schedule your updates in advance. Now you can post great content to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles throughout the day!

Before we discuss the benefits of this tool, here are some other reasons or advantages for scheduling your posts:

  1. Increase your social presence

Scheduling your posts increases your social presence but requires only minimum effort. You just need to put everything in your buffer and it will automatically update your profiles at your scheduled times. You don’t need to log in as often to your account but your followers won’t notice that.

  1. Improve social reputation

You’re not spamming, so it will help build your credibility online, thus increases your followers.

  1. Save time

Managing your social media accounts can take an age, so by scheduling your tweets it will save you time and help you focus on other important projects.

  1. Give your followers a break

Posting too many updates can annoy your followers and it may cause them to unfollow you. There’s no point in social media marketing when your starting to loose target customers.

So here’s what Buffer can do for you:

  1. Schedule your postsyes this is actually its main feature. You can do this using your computer or your mobile device.
  1. Shows analytics of your poststhis helps you identify which posts get a lot of clicks. This can give you an idea what types of information that your followers want.
  1. Allows you to schedule posts as much as you wantif you’re using the free version, it will allow you to post 10 updates a day.
  1. Allows you to add multiple accountsif you have multiple Twitter accounts, you can add them all in your buffer. This service will require you to upgrade your account but it could be worth putting a little investment on this.
  1. Download the Google Chrome extensionthis will let you add content to your buffer any time you find it on the web.
  1. Use with your favourite appsby installing buffer to your favourite apps, you can share content to your social profiles.

The following image is an example of Buffer analytics.


An alternative to Buffer – Timely

Timely is also an excellent tool that you can use to schedule your posts, though this tool is only applicable to Twitter and Facebook.

The difference between the two

a. Timely allows unlimited posts while Buffer only allows 10 posts for FREE accounts, 50 tweets if you upgrade your account.

b. Timely allows you to add multiple accounts while with Buffer you need to upgrade to avail this feature.

c. Timely sends you weekly summary of your activities.

d. Timely automatically determines the best time for you to update your social profiles. With Buffer, you’re allowed to manually edit the time to update your profiles.


Social influence is one of the biggest factors in building your brand online. For small business or large corporations, social media marketing is a challenging task. It’s a challenge on how to stay active on both Facebook and Twitter, the most prominent platforms to promote your brand online. But thanks to these tools, you can now focus on other important things to improve your business.

Are you using Buffer or Timely to schedule your posts? Do you have any other tools you would like to recommend?


Gwyneth has been involved in many internet marketing projects since 2008, mainly dealing with various SEO processes for online businesses of all types and niches. Currently, she works with your editor on his many online marketing ventures. Follow her on Twitter  for more news and updates.

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  • Steve Hippel

    Hi Gwyneth.
    I’m only just really getting going with social. I have been using Hootsuit and a plugin that tweets for me. Of course I have been doing some tweets of my own too. It’s pretty impressive how quickly you can increase your traffic and like this. I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing yet but seem to be getting good results.

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