The Ultimate LinkedIn Guide to Increase Your Traffic and Attract Business

Table of Contents

  1. What is LinkedIn?
  2. Setting up your LinkedIn Account
  3. Setting up LinkedIn Company Profile
  4. How LinkedIn Can Drive Traffic and Help Your SEO
  5. LinkedIn for Personal Branding
  6. Prospecting on LinkedIn
  7. Benefits of Using LinkedIn
  8. Writing and Asking for Recommendations
  9. How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job
  10. Using LinkedIn to Promote your Business
  11. LinkedIn Security
  12. How Not To Spam
  13. Other LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn is probably the one marketing tool that is wrongly disregarded by online marketers. You may be focusing more on Twitter and Facebook and had many likes and retweets from your followers and friends from those social media giants, but are they really reading your articles? Marketing on those social media sites are a numbers game. To get more retweets and likes, users just do it in the hope that they get the same favour in return.

Why use LinkedIn? It’s a professional network which you can use to reconnect with your past and present colleagues and classmates quickly, discover inside connections when you’re looking for a job or new business opportunity and to get professional advice from industry experts. Above all, LinkedIn is a great tool that you can use to increase your traffic and attract business. Are you yet to join this awesome social media site?


Here is our guide on how to get started, and how to become a pro LinkedIn marketer.

What is LinkedIn?

What is LinkedIn and Why Should You Join?

What differentiates LinkedIn from Twitter and Facebook and what are the benefits when you join this social media network for professionals.

What is LinkedIn – Video

A video walk-through on how to take advantage of LinkedIn in order to benefit your business.

Setting up your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn Basics

Step-by-step instructions on how to create a complete LinkedIn profile.

How to set up a LinkedIn professional profile

How to set-up a well-optimized LinkedIn professional profile. Make a good impression to those searching for you.

LinkedIn Marketing: 12 Powerful “Must Do” Tips for Setting Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Essential things you need to fill in on your LinkedIn profile to create a LinkedIn Marketing Machine.

LinkedIn Profile Tips: The 10 Mistakes You Want to Avoid and Why

Why you need a profile that not only helps you get found but also will entice people to contact you once they view your profile.

Setting up LinkedIn Company Profile

LinkedIn Tip 13: Setting Up a Company Page on LinkedIn

Benefits of starting a company page on LinkedIn.

5 Tips for Using the New LinkedIn Company Pages

Setting up business pages to increase your opportunities to network with customers, clients, vendors, peers, potential job candidates and even your own employees.

LinkedIn: How to Set Up a Company Profile

A quick guide to help you get started in building a company profile.

How LinkedIn can Drive Traffic and Help your SEO

10 LinkedIn Tips to Optimise your Profile

How to optimise your LinkedIn profile for SEO.

How To Use LinkedIn For Your SEO Campaign

Here are a few ways to use the professional network and ranking of LinkedIn to your site’s advantage.

How To Use LinkedIn To Improve Organic Visibility

Using LinkedIn as a tool for building incoming links to your website.

LinkedIn for Personal Branding

HOW TO: Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Build a powerful brand on LinkedIn so that you attract jobs you’re passionate about, while fostering a network that can support your career moving forward.

Tips to Using LinkedIn for Personal Branding

Tips and strategies for using LinkedIn features to help establish your brand online.

How to Add Video to Your Linkedin Profile

Why adding a video can help boost your profile and how it helps promote your brand.

Prospecting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Tips- How To Find “Great” People to Connect With

How to connect with the people who can help you reach your goal, and how to have a strategic approach that will increase your success.

How to Find Newly Added Colleagues on LinkedIn

When you want to search for colleagues (and add them to your LinkedIn network, if you choose), just follow these steps.

6 Steps to Expanding Your Network With LinkedIn Company Search

How to make new connections with company search.

Connect with Your Perfect Customer Using LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn to find customers.

Benefits of Using LinkedIn

6 Ways SMBs Can Benefit From LinkedIn

How small business can benefit from LinkedIn.

Why Moms Should be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn tips for moms.

Promote Your Event Using LinkedIn Events Application

Using LinkedIn to promote any event.

3 Reasons your business will benefit from LinkedIn

How LinkedIn can help you and your business.

Writing and Asking for Recommendations

How to get Recommendations From Colleagues and Clients

Tips on asking recommendations from your friends or clients on LinkedIn.

Elements of a Good LinkedIn Recommendation

What to say when you’re recommending someone.

Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Recommendations

What you need to know about recommendations and how they affect your status.

How To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation

Tips for writing recommendations to your different networks on LinkedIn.

How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

3 Powerful LinkedIn Profile Tips

Profile tips that help you find a new job or customers

Are You Using Your LinkedIn Status to Engage Your Connections?

How to engage with your followers and connections using status updates.

How to Use LinkedIn Company Profiles For Job Hunt, Networking

Here’s how to search and use LinkedIn Company Profiles to your best advantage.

How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Build Relationships

Using groups to expand your network and find job prospects.

Nine Ways To Use LinkedIn To Advance Your Career

How to use LinkedIn as a job search tool.

10 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

Different ways to use LinkedIn in finding a new career.

Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

How to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Business

Understanding LinkedIn and how to use it to promote your business.

How to Create And Join Groups On LinkedIn

Create groups to stay in touch with like-minded people–or people who can bring fresh ideas to the table. You can join groups to enhance your networking potential and bring further value to your business.

Using LinkedIn to Market Your Company

Tips and strategies on how to use LinkedIn to market your business.

How To Use LinkedIn Q&A

Utilising Q&A to promote your business.

7 Ways to Promote Your Content With Linkedin

Promoting your content with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Security

How to Protect Your Privacy on LinkedIn

How to safeguard your personal information.

Learn how to control your Linkedin privacy settings

Know what to share, and what not to share with your LinkedIn profile.

How Not TO Spam

The 10 biggest LinkedIn annoyances

How to avoid being tagged as spam on LinkedIn.

How to Behave Accordingly on LinkedIn and Not Get Kicked Out!

Avoiding spam activities on LinkedIn.

Other LinkedIn Tips

26 Tips to Enhance Your Experience on LinkedIn

Enhancing your LinkedIn experience to fully enjoy its benefits.

15 LinkedIn Mistakes You Might Not Realise You Have Made

LinkedIn practices that you are not aware of that may hurt your branding.


Are you about to create your LinkedIn profile now? I’m telling you, it’s the best strategy that could boost your online business. So go ahead and banner your online CV now!


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