How Guest Blogging Can Help You Grow Your Business

How and why should you be guest blogging?

You may answer, “I already have my own blog, why should I use my content some where else?” Yeah you’re right, why should you put your best content on someone else’s blog when you can benefit from the traffic it brings by posting it on your own blog?

You should guest blog for one simple reason, to grow your network. The traffic it could generate to your website can double if not triple compared to consistently posting on your own blog only.

Here’s how guest blogging can create more links and new readers to your blog:

How to Increase Inbound Links with Guest Blogging Technique


Guest blogging is one of the most reliable ways of constructing keyword rich, higher quality inbound links to your website. Not only this, it also enables you to reach a new audience, increases websites’ value, share

How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog by Writing Guest Post – SB


web, and their contribution had helped them get the name “Pro Blogger“. When you asked, what is the most affordable method on how to increase blog traffic to your blog, the nearest answer to this question is writing and submitting guest post to blogs of your niche that are around for years and have a stable traffic and good reputation to readers. …. Backlinks Service Vs. Manual Blog Links Submission… ▻ Jun 04 (1). Blogging – How to Stay Focused? ▻ Jun 03 (1)

Guest Blogging -a Way To Get More Readers And Traffic


There’s no point in quitting if you had success as a guest blogger; begin another post and send it to the same blog in a couple of weeks. By sending off a series of posts on similar topics, you can gain new readers and build up

Here’s how to find blogs that offer guest posts:

Top 6 places to find blogs for guest blogging | Affiliate Marketing Blog


You can try the following strings to find the sites which allow guest posts in your niche: Write for us, guest post, submit your article, guest blogging etc. Just type the string followed by your niche. E.g. “write for us+ treadmill”.

Good Search Queries to Find Guest Post Opportunities | Social


Good Search Queries to Find Guest Post Opportunities. Guest blog post by Michael Lamardo gravatar closeGuest blogger: Michael Lamardo Name: Michael Lamado Site: About: Michael is a blogger and


Guest blogging (or guest posting) is really an excellent strategy to improve a blog’s traffic. In addition, websites that offer guest blogging also reap great benefits too. Authors who post articles on other people’s websites will promote their guest posts to their network, so you potentially gain new readers and increase your own network too.

Just a reminder, if you plan to write a guest post, take the time to research and plan your subject thoroughly and present the same quality in your guest posts as you would use on your own site.

So, have you guest posted recently, and if so what is your view?



Gwyneth has been involved in many internet marketing projects since 2008, mainly dealing with various SEO processes for online businesses of all types and niches. Currently, she works with your editor on his many online marketing ventures. Follow her on Twitter  for more news and updates.

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  • Daiarian

    I once suffered from hundreds of irrelevant, spammy posts to my blog which took up my valuable time so please all of you budding guest bloggers make your post relevant and worthy.

    With that caveat I wholly endorse the principle introduced here by Gwynneth.

    Happy blogging

    • Gwyneth H.

      Thanks Daiarian!

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