Hi! My Name is Daniel Thorley. Business From The Kitchen Table (BFTKT) blog is dedicated to all internet marketing newbies who are struggling to make money online.

Previously, the business tips and strategies are served as e-letters to subscribers of BFTKT, but currently with the aim to reach a lot of people who need to improve their online marketing results, the BFTKT blog was born.


What to expect from this blog?

Over the past few years I have tried so many different business opportunities. Anything and everything including franchises, buy-to-let, the stock-market, spread betting, futures trading and adsense.

You name it I’ve probably been there and done it. Some were terrific, some not so good and others were disasters.

Today I now run my own marketing company from home. When I started I noticed a common pattern. No matter how successful the guru, how wonderful the course or how amazing the seminar there always seemed to be something they weren’t telling me.

IT’S ALL IN THE DETAIL: Every single step or stage I got to there was nearly always far more to it than the experts had me believe. Finding and briefing a copywriter, setting up credit facilities, negotiating with printers and this is just for starters!

That’s why I have decided to share my experiences and help fill in the gaps for you. I will keep you up to date with all my latest, hints, tips and recommendations..for FREE!

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